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Be a part of the International MOTYF Festival 2021/22 with this year’s motto:

“Communicating Complexity”

NEWS deadline for submissions: 15th Feb. 2022.

Complexity of Information is a subject of MOTYF 2021, we talk about the role and forms of text in communication.


Further information:


Exhibition opening: 25 March 2022 Warschau/Polen & Wellington/Neuseeland

November 10 – December 06, 2020: Motion-Design-Reel 2020

in the context of the exhibition UNTITLED of the Department of Design, the three disciplines of interior design, communication design and time-based media will show a curated selection of special student works in LUX.

LUX – Pavillon der Hochschule Mainz
Ludwigsstraße 2
55116 Mainz

Experimental and applied exercises in the fields of visual music, concept art & animation, poetry clips, holographic animations and much more from the time-based media course at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz & img.

This is the second time that the Department of Design has conceived a joint exhibition. Interfaces and differences of the design courses of study are visible in UNTITLED and presented in a special way: The LUX functions as an intermedia showcase that visitors can stroll around and be captured by the individual works.

Students in sequence:

Martin Bausch / Andrés Acosta / Selim Kilinc / Lena Höll / Tim Lunkenheimer / Jana Stoeck / Marie Gall / Anna Fay / Mark Scott / Steven Bönnemann / Vanessa Schneider / Luna Vollmar / Irene Buckmeier / Luca Kraemer / Lena Ruppentahl / Akad Heider / Tom Müller / Mikhail Svyatskey / Svenja Gross / Mikhail Svyatskey / Xavier Salomon / Artur Martirosyan / Julian Pontzen / Sinja Schenzel / Noemi Kelemen / Caecilia Glaas / Julia Heindrich / Inga Sielemann / Qi Wei Li / Leon Döhlert / Vanessa Trost / Pia Rust / Tristan Lichtenberg / Meike Deichelbohrer / Sophie Lochau / Sandra Nickolay / Chris Küchler / Johanna Junger / Nadija Ahmadi / Richard Heucher / Patricia Prosperi / Tabish Ahmad / Anna Höll / Nico Zink / Vanessa Trost

Supervision: Prof. Anja Stöffler / Malik Alpoguz / Aylin Mirza / Igor Posavec / David Scherr

Editorial: Prof. Anja Stöffler & Steven Bönnemann

Cut: Steven Bönnemann

Music: Noclu I Handle It (feat. AniYo Kore) I Handle It Pt. II (Running)

October 15, 2020 – November 11, 2020: The Sound of Corona Global Break

The institute presents the video work from the study program Time Based Media at the exhibition in Venice:  

Borders 2020 | Future Landscapes

curated by Luca Curci   in the gallery: “The Room Contemporary Art Space” and in Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello.

The concept was initiated by Hartmut Jahn and Paulo Ferreira-Lopes at Mainz University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with partner universities in Mexico City, Macao and Lisbon.

The group of the Sound of Corona Global Break:
Jeremias Witteler, Jan Glueck, Paulo Ferreira-Lopes, Aaron Soltani, Nils Schmidt, Simon Pfeiffer, Tajana Neuhaus, Seweryn Zelazny, Arne Hertstein, Veronika Bolotina, Hartmut Jahn, Maria Madalena Salgueira, Catarina Soeiro, Morto Camara, Joao Palmeira.

Contact: hartmut.jahn (at) hs-mainz.de

More Informations: https://www.itsliquid.com/opening-borders-futurelandscapes.html