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Gutenberg goes Media – Writing and poetry in motion (eBook)

Prof. Anja Stöffler & Prof. Ralf Dringenberg

We proudly present: “Gutenberg goes Media. Schrift und Poesie in Bewegung” – the German eBook on MOTYF 2016, with selected texts on the symposium, the exhibition and the poetry events, as well as additional scientific and above all artistic contributions. In addition to texts and illustrations, the book contains numerous videos that were specially created for this publication. An English-language eBook will also be available soon.

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Editors: Anja Stöffler, Ralf Dringenberg
Type of publication: eBook
Technical requirements:
Multimedia eBook in EPUB3 format for playback on mobile devices (iOS via iBooks, Android via Adobe© Digital Editions), notebooks and desktops (Mac OS via iBooks, OS Win via Adobe© Digital Editions, Readium)
Version 1
Compact version, 50MB (an Internet connection is required to play multimedia data)
version 2
Normal version, 450MB (most of the multimedia data can also be played offline)
Language: German
Publisher: o.V.
Place: Mainz
Year: 2017
Edition: 1
ISBN: 978-3-936483-09-3
Reference via: z zg Website
Contact: info@zeitbasierte-gestaltung.de

Moving Types – Letters in motion.
A retrospective from the beginnings of film until today.

First augmented exhibition catalogue with ‘built-in cinema’

Prof. Anja Stöffler, Prof. Ralf Dringenberg & Dr. Annette Ludwig

 Moving Types – Letters in Motion’ reflected the use of ‘writing on the move’ from the beginnings of film to the present day, in which mobile media systems are transforming the design and reading of writing into a completely new, mobile, networked, multi-sensory exchange of information. In a retrospective over 300 historical and current media formats will be presented by international artists, filmmakers and designers, including Muriel Cooper, Paul Jeffrey Sharits, Étienne Robial, Ludovic Houplain, Gary Hill, David Small, Alex Gopher and Matthias Zentner. The catalogue presents, among other things, the artistic habillages of the ARTE theme nights, music videos from Bob Dylan to Soko, station logos of ARTE, Al Jazeera, RTL and the historical MTV Idents, the colourful brand world of the Oscar-winning short film “Logorama” or the advertising worlds from Mercedes to Nike. As an exhibition catalogue with “built-in cinema”, ‘Moving Types’ itself writes a piece of media history. More than 80 film clips are made accessible to the reader by means of a QR code via a proprietary Moving Types APP (IOS/Android).

Type: Softcover, 144 pages.
Editors: Ralf Dringenberg, Anja Stöffler (z zg zg, HS Mainz, HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd) and Dr. Annette Ludwig (Gutenberg-Museum, Mainz)
Language: German
Contents: including over 80 integrated font films
Place: Mainz
Year: 2nd, adult edition Mainz 2013 (1st edition Mainz 2011, out of print)
Pages: 132 pages, Softcover
Price: 23,95 Euro plus postage
ISBN: 978-3-936483-03-1

MOTYF 2013 International Students’ Moving Type Festival


MOTYF 2014 International Students’ Moving Type Festival
‚Type in Music. The Rhythm of Letters.

Englischsprachige Dokumentationen

Prof. Ewa Satalecka, Prof. Ralf Dringenberg & Prof. Anja Stöffler

The publication serves to documentation of the first international scientific conference, which took place in the framework of the German-Polish cooperation. With more than 240 pages, knowledge about education in the field of moving typography is conveyed.

Language: English
Location: Warsaw
Year: 2014
Pages: 227 pages (booklet)
Price: 15,95 Euro plus postage
ISBN: 978-3-936483-05-5
ISBN: 978-3-936483-07-9
Available via: info@zeitbasierte-gestaltung.de