german-polish bauhaus.workshop

Prof. Anja Stöffler

The influence of Bauhaus on Eastern Europe was enormous – in cooperation with the Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Technologies Warsaw, a group of German and Polish professors and their students will investigate the influence of Bauhaus on design and art in Poland and Europe. The German-Polish exchange between the universities of Mainz and Warsaw has been ongoing since 2011.

The current research project “Future Text” is a research platform for text-based communication in a cultural, international and interdisciplinary context. The cooperation partners were invited by the director of the Gutenberg Museum to participate in the special exhibition “ABC. Avantgarde – Bauhaus – Corporate Design. Printing and Advertising at the Bauhaus” and to present this in a final presentation. This is also to be done within the context of the institutionalised cooperation between the Gutenberg Museum and the university and the partner from Warsaw.

Augmented Reality Poster of Andres Acosta  

The bauhaus.workshop at the Gutenberg Museum is dedicated to working on topics ranging from print to digital. The starting point for the German-Polish workshop is an examination of the content of quotations from well-known Bauhäusler and their staging in print and extended media technologies such as augmented reality. The project is particularly aimed at lecturers from both partner universities as well as selected young academics, students of the courses “Time-based Media” (Mainz) and “Multimedia Communication” (Warsaw). The aim is the joint search for and interpretation of sources that prove the influence of the Bauhaus on culture and art in Poland and Europe.

Photos from the Final Presentation

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concept & organisation: prof. anja stöffler, prof. julia kühne, dr. annette ludwig

in cooperation with: prof. dr. ewa satalecka, dr. jan piechota, dr. jakub karpoluk

german participants: nina gänsler, mark scott, arsen gebauer, andrés acosta blaschitz, lukas mayer, simon schwarz, nico zink

polish participants: marcin wichrowski, jakub zięba, emilia miękisz, giorgio salemme, maciej połczyński, wojciech płudowski

29 – 31 October 2019
Final presentation on 31.10.2019 in the Gutenberg-Museum, Mainz

Gutenberg Museum: Dr. Annette Ludwig, Director Gutenberg Museum Exhibition curator “ABC.Avantgarde – Bauhaus – Corporate Design

Team University of Applied Sciences Mainz, img – Institute for Media Design: Prof. Anja Stöffler, Prof. Julia Kühne, Dipl. Des. Manfred Liedtke, Malik Alpoguz (assistant)

An event of the Gutenberg Museum in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Mainz and the Polish-Japanese Academy for Computer Technologies Warsaw, Poland.