Moving Worlds. Migration makes stories.

24.10.2019 Until 31.01.2021

Prof. Hartmut Jahn

Space, Altars and Symbols of Luck.

What do a Portuguese bakery, a Thai massage studio and a Japanese restaurant in Frankfurt have in common?

Three film portraits by Felix Schwarz and Mona Suhrbier

Its owners, who come from different countries, offer the Frankfurt clientele services and products from other parts of the world in their stores. In addition to their products and services, the three entrepreneurs integrate personally designed altars and symbols of good luck into their business premises. These highly symbolic objects are significant for their owners and make statements about their respective faith and culture. The business owners share their personal stories with their customers, the Frankfurt public, which is characterized by variety and diversity. At the same time, altars and symbols of luck help their owners to root themselves and their business in Frankfurt and thus ensure long-term success. The three interview partners present their personal perspectives in videos.

Altar for Buddha and for the ‘father of medicine’ Luna Buh Chivok, developer of Thai massage

Interview with Mrs. Wiparat Sukatorn, business owner Studio for Thai Massage Bai Boon, Frankfurt-Bockenheim, Germany:

The massage offered by Mrs. Wiparat Sukatorn in the massage studio Bai Boon in the Bockenheim district has an approximately 2,500 year old tradition in her country of origin, Thailand.

Madonnas and Saints – An Altar from Portugal

Interview with Mr. José Oliveira, Managing Director, Baker and Confectioner Bäckerei Bela, Frankfurt-Preungesheim, Germany:

At the Bela bakery in the Preungesheim district, José Oliveira successfully offers German baked goods and also produces pasta according to recipes from Portugal.

Morijio – Luck symbols from Japan

Interview with Mr. Takayuki Tamura, Managing Director and Sushi Master Restaurant Sakura, Frankfurt City, Germany:

The team of the sushi master Takayuki Tamura entertains the guests in the restaurant Sakura in downtown Frankfurt with selected, always freshly prepared Japanese dishes.

Video: Mona Suhrbier and Felix Schwarz 2019